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Shuttle from Dia to Loveland

Shuttle from Dia to Loveland


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Things to do in Loveland Co and History

Here are some fun things to do in Loveland Co



Fossil creek Reservoir

Arapaho Bend Natural area

The City of Loveland was originally founded in 1877 along the Colorado Central Railroad and Big Thompson River. It was named after William A.H. Loveland, the president of the Colorado Central Railroad back then.

In the 1800’s the town was dependent on agriculture and the primary crops in that area were sugar beets and sour cherries. In 1901, the Great Western Sugar Company built a factory in Loveland, which remained as a source of employment until its closure in 1985. In the late  1920’s  the largest cherry orchard called Spring Glade Orchard was the largest cherry orchard west of the Mississippi River. At that time they produced more than $1 million worth of cherries per year. Then many droughts and freezes came to the area of Loveland and so it was a destroyer of the industry. By the 1960’s cherries were no longer farmed in the area.

The City is south of Fort Collins, its larger neighbor and the county seat. The two cities have been steadily growing towards each other over the last several decades and are considered to be a single metropolitan area by the U.S. government. The establishment of county-owned open space between the two communities in the 1990’s was intended to create a permanent buffer to contiguous growth.


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